in your hands

Reflect Innovation creates tactile calming aids that
provide unique, multisensory relaxation experiences
for happier, healthier lives

In today’s fast-paced, always-connected world, it’s not unusual to find ourselves yearning for moments of calm.

Whether you call it reflection, relaxation, meditation, or something else, that ability to step away from the bustle is essential for feeling healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

At Reflect Innovation, we’re on a mission to offer people unique ways to relax, reflect, and recenter, whether they need to de-stress before a big event or simply carve out some moments of quiet.

Reflect Innovation harnesses the benefits of biofeedback technology without the cold, hard surfaces and screens traditionally associated with technology and devices. With Reflect, founder Noga Sapir brought together her passion for neuroscience and textile design, creating a relaxation aid that is soft and multisensory.

Reflect invites users to make time for their wellbeing, pause for a few minutes and consider how they are feeling, gain control of their thoughts and induce calm.

Get to know Reflect

Biofeedback to support overall wellbeing

Biofeedback is scientifically proven and used extensively to improve physical, mental,
and emotional health

Tactile, tech-free feel

A soft exterior lets you disconnect from your typical tech-heavy surroundings, allowing you to bring awareness to your body and mind

Responds to you

Reflect’s light changes color in response to signals from your body, helping you gain control and achieve calm

Beautiful design

Reflect’s calming presence is a visual reminder to pay attention to yourself and your wellness

Companion app

An accompanying app gives you a complete snapshot of your Reflect experience

Light and portable

All you need is your Reflect, a quiet corner and a few minutes

Interested in learning more?

Drop us a line at info@reflectinnovation.com